***UPDATE 3/18/2020***

Although we received word from DIV 5 yesterday morning that the chassis cert was on, we have now been advised that the NHRA as of yesterday afternoon has changed their minds about chassis certs. They have decided to postpone all chassis certs at all tracks including PMP. We were told they were meeting today to discuss details about letting people continue to race under their current cert until the chassis cert is rescheduled. I will be following up with DIV 5 this afternoon to see if those details have been worked out and update everyone with any new info.
As far as Test & Tune on March 28th, we did some measuring in the pits yesterday and I am sketching up a layout and operations plan to provide to the city and will share that with you all when it’s finalized. I can say that the layout and plan is solid and we can easily keep to the guidelines of social distancing and send people down the track as long as everyone follows the plan.
If people want to race, we want to give them a place to do so as long as we can do it safely for the racers and our staff. Of course we will need a car count to support it as well.
While many tracks have announced postponed schedules, many are still planning to run as well. We are thankful for the support from Pueblo Parks & Rec and the Mayor’s office for the opportunity to put a plan in place to let us race. We will keep everyone in the loop. And if you are NOT feeling sick, we hope to see you on March 28th.
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